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NGK 97506 Spark Plug Set

NGK 97506 Spark Plug Set

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Often referred to as "2 Step Colder" plugs this set of NGK 97506 Spark Plugs is compatible with a wide variety of BMW motors and models and is the preferred plug for tuners as well as stock and high HP applications! A factory spark plug in N20/ S55 engines, these plugs may be used in all of the following BMW motors: N20, N26, N54, N55, S55, N63, N63TU, S63, and S63TU.

No gap tool? No worries! We offer these plugs pre-gapped to the following: 0.018", 0.020", 0.022" (most popular and recommended), and 0.026"

Features & Benefits

Often specified as original equipment, NGK Laser Iridium spark plugs are the best combination of performance and longevity.

  • Fine wire Iridium center electrode
  • Platinum pad at ground electrode for even wear in DIS ignition systems
  • Engineered for specific vehicle applications
  • Iridium tip is six (6) times harder than platinum

Product Details

Part Number: 97506 2step
Drive Size: 14mm Double Hex 
Gap: Factory Preset to 0.028 in (Please double check gap before install!)

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