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Precision Designed Crank Seal Guard (N5X/S55)

Precision Designed Crank Seal Guard (N5X/S55)

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A common issue seen on the N5X/S55 engines is how fragile the front rubber crank seal is when your belt either tears or slips, or a pulley breaks. With nothing protecting the crank seal, the belt can break the seal and get sucked inside your motor. When this happens, you must remove the subframe and oil pan to extract any belt debris that entered the engine. In severe cases, the belt may get stuck onto the timing chain and thrown upwards into the valve cover. Which is yet even more labor and down-time for your vehicle. In worst cases the belt could also clog up the oil pickup tube. With a completely clogged oil pickup tube you'll starve the motor of oil, which can cause catastrophic damage, requiring an engine replacement.


With this issue in mind, a billet aluminum crank seal guard was designed to protect the belt from entering the engine. Potentially saving thousands of dollars in repairs. A simple, yet effective design to provide reassurance!


Vehicle Applications: N51/N52/N54/N55/S55

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